New cocktail, needs a name

Wifey bought some cherry juice from Trader Joe's but didn't fancy it. I put on my cocktail hat and thought about putting it to good use.

First it would need to be reduced, otherwise it might as well be cranberry. So I boiled a cup of it down to 1/4 cup, along with a dozen black pepper seeds.

Being winter I thought whiskey base. I scanned the bar and saw sweet vermouth, bitters, Grand Marnier... for some reason I thought of maple syrup for the sweetener. To build it, I was thinking Sazerac. Here's what happened:

  • Chill a tumbler with ice.

  • Over ice combine: 
- Measure of whiskey (I used Canadian)

- 1/4 measure sweet vermouth
- Bar spoon of reduced cherry juice
- Bar spoon of maple syrup
- Big dash orange bitters (or Angostura, if you want more spice)

  • Stir.

  • Empty tumbler, rinse the chilled glass with a bar spoon of Grand Marnier, coating the sides of the glass well. 

  • Strain in the drink. Garnish with a wide swath of orange peel, first twisting it over the cocktail.

It's very tasty, and you can enjoy the interplay of cherry and whiskey. Perhaps bourbon might work better than Canadian... and perhaps a hint of lemon might brighten it a little. But I love orange twists on cold nights, and this is mos' def' a cold night warmer.

Suggestions to improve?

Suggestions for a name?


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