Fried Stuffing

Traditional British breakfasts can be a little on the heavy side, a bit like a traditional American breakfast but with the addition of fried mushrooms, fried sliced tomato, and-- wait for it-- baked beans. However one element of an English greasy spoon that I will at times add to my weekend breadfast is fried bread.

In the UK slices of white loaf are added to hot bacon fat. As the bottom absorbs some of the fat and crisps in the pan, it is flipped and crisped on the other side. It makes for a delicious side for bacon and eggs and takes nary a minute.

For the faint of heart, you can toast your slice slightly first, inhibiting its ability to suck up bacon fat. It will still crisp nicely.

This morning I had a revelation. It is December 2nd, and we're almost out of Thanksgiving leftovers, down to a little cranberry sauce and Susan's delicious stuffing. What is stuffing? Bread. What if I added a couple of handfuls of stuffing to the hot bacon fat?

Wonderful, crispy, savory, deliciousness, the perfect foil for a fried egg and a couple of slices of bacon, that's what. I'm sorry I didn't think of this last week. My arteries probably aren't, but I am.

Got any stuffing left over from your Thanksgiving meal? Fry it up in bacon fat. Out-bloody-standing.