Foie Gras Dinner

I wish I could say I cooked this meal, but all I did were a few humble (if crucial) tasks assisting the chef. Here's what we ate at Rod and Donna's house on Sunday:

Toasted brioche w/ marmalade and foie gras mousse:

Warm crispy duck and foie rillette (too busy eating to photograph) nuggets

Shaved Foie sandwiches on foie gras scone with membrillo and apple

Mini foie gras raviolis, chestnut pasta, duck jus with very carefully plucked thyme leaves:
Foie sliders on brioche buns (Get in my belly! Where's the camera? Shit, too late.)

Torchon of foie gras with candied beets, aged sherry vinegar, pomegranites, and vanilla (WAY too busy eating to photograph)

Seared Slab of foie, with pearl onions, carefully sliced apricots, endives, crystallized sage and Vin santo (had to pause the eating a little, got a good shot of this one).

Foie Stuffed PA chicken with truffled chicken noodle broth (here in their raw form; you can see the slabs of foie under the skin):

Pan perdu, foie ice cream, maple gastrique and very carefully sectioned blood orange

Rod and Donna sure are good cooks, but even better friends.